Kromkommer is a Dutch social enterprise that fights the waste of wonky fruits and vegetables


Kromkommer wants to change the way people look at the quality of produce. They also happen to make delicious soups out of veggies that otherwise would be wasted, and make wonky produce shine in funky campaigns. They do this together with the Krommunity: a community of farmers, restaurants, stores and fans.

starting with the little ones

Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Campaign Video

During my working period at Kromkommer me and my colleague Tess Geerdink were assigned with the task to come up with a compelling worldwide launch video for the ‘Wonky Fruit and Vegetable Playset’ campaign. An extension of the ‘Wonky Fruit and Vegetable Playset’ The art direction and the storyboard were fully made by us. In collaboration with Redrum we managed to bring this video to life. The video depicts the playset characters playfully explaining what their mission is.

a well needed fresh new look

Soup Packaging

Kromkommer’s famous soups needed a brand refresh. The old packaging design felt outdated and did not meet the current requirements and vision of the brand. In the discovery phase we discussed the main elements that had to stay, go or be re-invented. After a few iterations I managed to come up with a design that stayed true to the original but felt new and fresh. The design had some bold choices in it. For example not a lot of brands would pick the colour blue for fair, no nonsense-pure food. But because of our rebellious and wonky nature it felt like the right thing to do. Right now all of these soups can be found in 150 supermarkets all over the Netherlands.

love for zucchini's

Wonky Campaign at Dam Square Amsterdam

In order to gain awareness for the amount of courgettes that are wasted in a time frame of just three days we placed a container full of them (7000 kilos) on the Dam Square in Amsterdam. The farmer who grew these courgettes had to waste these perfectly edible vegetables just because they don’t live up to our supermarket standards. We met people from all over the world and told them what was going on with these green beauties. The reactions we got were extremely supportive of our cause, no one could believe all of these had to be wasted. We gave people the chance to take some of the courgettes home and give them a second chance.

it's good to play with your food

Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Playset

In order to change the way people look at wonky produce we decided: why not focus on the children as well? In order to realize our plan we started a crowdfunding campaign and raised a whopping € 21.043. By working together with sustainable toy brand PlanToys we were able to realize our new idea. The toys are made from PlanWood, a material composed of leftover sawdust from toy production, natural glue and organic pigments. The toys caught a lot of media attention around the world. We managed to reach out to some big Dutch influencers as well, sent them a free set with a request to post about it on their instagram stories which resulted in gaining a massive organic reach and lots of positive feedback. The toys are now available in 60 countries.

inclusivity, fun, joy and laughter

Pride Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam is one of the biggest happenings of the year in the Netherlands. Like every other year it was time for us to attend with a funky, wonky campaign. During the pride of 2018 we had a particular curious case involving the plums from farmer Kees. His plums were labeled ‘too small’, meaning they were 3 mm too small for the supermarkets and if not saved had to be wasted. So in response to this ridiculousness we got our hands on as much of the plums as possible and decided: why not hand them out at the pride this year? Giving our pride campaign the appropriate name: ‘Size doesn’t matter!’ It was a day of fun, laughter, raising awareness and saving these delicious plums at the same time.

we've accomplished some amazing things

Kromkommer Impact

Awareness Campaign Dam Square
Media awareness plus giving people the chance to save a perfectly imperfect beautiful courgette.
Succesfull Crowdfunding
Our crowdfunding reached it’s goal of € 21.043 to realize the wonky fruit and vegetable playset.
Pride Amsterdam Campaign
Handing out plums from farmer Kees that were
labeled ‘too small’ that would otherwise be wasted.
Viral Facebook Post
A social media post about embracing wonky vegetables that was shared 40.000 times.
International Playset Release
Developed a wonky fruit and vegetable play set together with sustainable toy brand PlanToys.
Fruits Vegetables Saved
Saved 59.500 kg of fruits and vegetables in the year 2018/2019 thanks to our campaigns & soups.
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