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I help Experts, Coaches, and Teachers in the Health and Wellness space get more clients using my easy to implement 4-step Brand HEALTH™ process so they can focus on getting their clients healthier, happier, and improve their quality of life.

Get your services known and get more clients
Show your expertise and proffesionalism
Build trust and loyalty among your customers

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Are you missing out on new clients?

Hiring a full on marketing  and design team might be a bit too expensive and a bit of a hassle. And doing it all on your own can distract you form your own work. You might recognize the following:

Your website doesn't bring in consistent online bookings or clients.
Your brand/business appearance lacks your own unique personality.
You don’t know how to effectively translate your personal story in such a way that it engages new customers.
You’d rather help your clients instead of becoming an design /marketing expert.
It’s hard to stand out in an over saturated market.
You’re looking for ways to become a more memorable brand an reach more pontential clients to turn them into actual clients.

introducing the 4 step brand health process

How your brand can stand out as a guide among all others

The 4 step Brand HEALTH process is an proven framework that is focused on getting you results. In this process I blend my knowledge of storytelling, brand strategy and design to help you achieve your business goals. The four steps consist of:

Your Customers

Taking a magnifying glass to understand the lives of our users/customers to get to know their pains and their gains. Finding these insights can lead to all sorts of surprising solutions and services.

Your Brand Story

A framework to telling your unique story. Nailing this part will make you a more profitable business. Customers have to know, what you offer, why & how it will make their life better, and what steps they need to take to buy your services.

A Brand Strategy

Creating an custom action plan to get your brand from point A to point B. With an underlying brand strategy we uncover what truly needs to be built to connect your ideal customers to your brand.

Effective Visual Design

Becoming a more memorable brand by translating the strategy outcomes/findings with fitting visuals and designs that strongly complement your goals and enhance the strategy groundwork.

the results

What it will bring your business

Clearly communicate what you do, for whom, and why it matters.
Becoming a brand that adds value to peoples/customers' lives
Being a brand that provides genuine and relatable solutions.
Make your customers fall in love with your brand.
Turn and convert your website visitors into actual buyers.
Strong visuals that capture attention and create brand recognition.


How clients experienced working together

If I were to describe Mark’s services regarding my specific needs it would be one word: amazing. He created a safe space to discuss all my concerns regarding my business/goals and really took the time to understand every aspect of me and my work, which made me feel heard and understood. He’s also a fun guy to work with, he makes you feel at ease and we laughed a lot during our process. The end result is something I’m really proud of and I can’t wait to show my new brand, website and services to the world.

Nikki vervoort
owner nikki vervoort studiebegeleiding & rt

Mark quickly got to the core of things, which made it easy to shine a light on the objectives we had to achieve. He made Slim & Shape Yoga a visual feast to lay your eyes upon. The logo, the overall brand colors and all the collateral designs are in line with how I wanted my brand to feel like. My teacher training material and all the accompanying modules also look and feel premium/professional. The feedback I got from multiple students is extremely positive. Mark is someone I can count upon, he gives solid brand advice, has humor and helps me regain clarity when needed.

Kathy schoonhoven
owner slim & shape yoga

I felt extremely at ease during the entire (brand & web) design process. Mark understood my vision and challenged me to think deeply on how I wanted my brand refresh to look like. He managed to surprise me with his design concepts and it was quite astonishing to see how he interpreted my words and came up with different design versions that felt right for me. Furthermore, Mark is a creative, spontaneous young man who’s curious and genuinely interested. It was a satisfying process and the results speaks for themselves.

Mirjam Puster
owner vol in zicht

I've been fortunate to work with amazing people, brands and businesses

my kind of people

The different kind of purpose driven brands and businesses that came before you

The underlying diagram showcases brands and businesses I’ve been fortunate to help.
It contains 4 pillars; movement, quiet, diet and happiness. These businesses all contribute to people’s well being in each their own unique way.

Slim & Shape Yoga
(Yoga Business)
Nikki Vervoort
(Personal Tutor Business)
Body On Track
(Personal Trainer Business
Vol In Zicht
(Meditation Practice Studio)
(Social Enterprise)
This could be you
*Diagram above inspired by Paul Chek & All credits to Paul Chek
The Last Four Doctors You'll Ever Need - Paul Chek

cases i'm proud of

Most recent projects, cases and collaborations

A collection of some of the cases I’ve had the pleasure to work on. For more work click the button down below.

I feel strongly about guiding you to succes

Hi there, I'm Mark

You are an expert in your field and you deserve to get known by people. I help health & wellness brands and businesses reach their customers so they can work their magic and make sure their clients get the guidance they seek. Feel free to read more about my journey and why I'm so passionate about helping you.

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