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Nikki believes that every child should learn at it's own pace.


Nikki helps children regain confidence regarding their learning skills and school homework. She guides them with their assignments and assists them with their math homework/problems. She has a master in special educational needs and specializes in children with dyscalculia. Years of experience as a teacher and private teacher helped her to understand how she can effectively help all children. In these times of high expectations, home education and lots of distractions, she hopes to take away their confusion and bring back clarity when it comes to their math problems.

every business owner has a goal

The Overarching Goal

Nikki wanted to have a professional online presence. She started off with a self made Facebook page and no actual structured way of bringing in new clients. This had to change. She wanted her own dedicated space where she could convey her expertise, show her way or working, let parents/children know that she is a safe and fun option and show she’s the real deal when it comes to getting better grades and self confidence regarding children's math problems.

every business owner has a goal

The Outcome

We managed to fit Nikki's story into a framework that is captivating to read and easy to understand. We decided to portray two perspectives on her website, those of the parents and those of the children. Empathizing with their problems and guiding them to a solution was a key component to creating all the new copy for her website. Furthermore, we integrated a fully operational booking system linked to her Google calendar, which gives the site visitors the chance to instantly book an virtual appointment with Nikki.

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The Impact

Shortly after we launched Nikki’s new website she sent out an official announcement on her LinkedIn and Facebook page. The reactions that followed were extremely positive. Nikki went from not having a way to bring in leads to having a highly effective website that helps educate her leads and convert them into real clients. She gained 5 new clients in a time span of just two weeks. She now owns a brand that fits her personality and feels authentic to who she is and what she stands for.

Brand Story

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Provided Services

A short overview of the services that I provided to get Nikki to her desired outcome / goal.


What Nikki had to say about working together

If I were to describe Mark’s services regarding my specific needs it would be one word: amazing. It felt like I could say anything to him, he created a safe space to discuss all my concerns regarding my business and my goals and really took the time to understand every aspect of my work, which made me feel heard and understood. He’s also a fun guy to work with, he makes you feel at ease and we laughed a lot during our process. Something which I find very important. The end result is something I’m really proud of and I can’t wait to show my new brand, website and services to the world.

Nikki vervoort
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What I used to bring this project to life

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