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The Slim & Shape Yoga Brand

Kathy founded the Slim & Shape Yoga brand in 2017. The yoga brand offers yoga lessons in several locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. More importantly she offers a 3 in 1 Teacher Training Program, to offer people the chance to become a registered Slim & Shape Yoga teacher. The program teaches it’s students to deepen their practice and make them aware of what certain asanas do to you energetically, spiritually, physically and mentally. The No Stress Formula, gives them an 8 step holistic guide to a stress free life in which she covers topics like: mindset, the brain, healing foods, beliefs and priorities, sleep hygiene, environmental factors, finances, supplements and how to raise their personal frequency. And last but not least, she offers additional business coaching and training for entrepreneurial minded students to help them set up their business in such a way that they can make a living by teaching yoga.

every business owner has a goal

The Overarching Goal

Help Slim & Shape Yoga become the brand Kathy envisioned, increase the number of people attending the Slim & Shape Yoga lessons, increase brand recognition, create a unique logo and design further collateral design like certificates, registered teacher badges, yoga ball, posters, mockups, flyers, business cards and Teacher Training material as well as her No Stress Formula.

what did we achieve

The Outcome

Together with Kathy’s input I designed the Slim & Shape Yoga visual branding from the ground up. We captured her preferences and translated them into fitting brand colors, fonts, image mood boards, tone of voice, a completely new logo with an accompanying brand identity manual.

every business owner has a goal

The Impact

Back in 2017 Slim & Shape Yoga made it’s humble beginnings by Kathy teaching her lessons all by herself. Times have changed and as of right now Slim & Shape Yoga counts multiple official and active registered Slim & Shape teachers giving classes throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The community feels like a close knit family and the interaction between community members brings forth more educated Slim & Shape Yoga teachers ready to help those in need of guidance on their yoga / life journey.

Visual Identity
Training Material
Collateral Design

my role in this project

Provided Services

A short overview of the services I provided that helped Kathy to get to her desired outcome / goal.


What Kathy had to say about working together

Mark quickly got to the core of things, which made it easy to shine a light on the objectives we had to achieve. He made Slim & Shape Yoga a visual feast to lay your eyes upon. The logo, the overall brand colors and all the collateral designs are in line with how I wanted my brand to feel like. My teacher training material and all the accompanying modules also look and feel premium/professional. The feedback I got from multiple students is extremely positive. Mark is someone I can count upon, he gives solid brand advice, has humor and helps me regain clarity when needed.

Kathy Schoonhoven
owner slim & shape Yoga


What we used to bring this brand to life

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