vol in zicht

A meditation studio run by a woman with a big heart and a passion for self-enquiry


Vol In Zicht (Fully In Sight) is a meditation practice owned by Mirjam Puster, a lovely lady in the Netherlands who believes that meditation is something we can all benefit from. In her sessions she encourages people to momentarily let go of who they think they are, in order to discover an untouched and undefined part of themselves. In that undefined space the possibilities of who you want to become are endless.

every business owner has a goal

The Overarching Goal

In order to grow her business and convey her authority regarding her line of work, Mirjam Puster wanted a total rebranding of her old existing brand. It was time for an upgrade. Mirjam’s old WordPress site did not meet the requirements she desperately needed (a crisp logo, blog and workshop calendar).

every business owner has a goal

The Outcome

We managed to create a brand that fits Mirjam’s vision and created one that captured her personality. She now has a perfectly uniform brand identity and website to accompany her business.

what did we achieve

The Impact

Mirjam's old brand lacked to convey her authority regarding her line of work. She now has a professional brand and online presence that is ready to bring in multiple clients so she can guide them to a better place, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically.

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Provided Services

A short and concise summary/ list of the services I provided to get Mirjam to her desired outcome / goal.

Brand Story


What Mirjam had to say about working together

I felt extremely at ease during the entire (brand & web) design process. Mark understood my vision and challenged me to think deeply on how I wanted my brand refresh to look like. He managed to surprise me with his design concepts and it was quite astonishing to see how he interpreted my words and came up with different design versions that felt right for me. Furthermore, Mark is a creative, spontaneous young man who’s curious and genuinely interested. It was a satisfying process and the results speaks for themselves.

Mirjam Puster
owner vol in zicht


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